What Baby Shampoo Is Good For Eyelash Extensions?

what baby shampoo is good for eyelash extensions

As a lash artist, do you recommend for your clients to cleanse their lashes with baby shampoo? There can be many pros to your clients using baby shampoo to clean their lashes versus not cleansing them at all which allows germs to build up.

Here are some of the pros that we have found with clients using baby shampoo on their eyelash extensions.

– Baby shampoo is a gentle formula and does not burn the eyes
– It was created for hair and sensitive skin, and will work to clean off excess germs
– It is inexpensive for clients to purchase from any convenience store

Babies are beautiful and the first thing that parents tend to do is to make their babies beautiful. But when it comes to beauty, what works for babies does not always work for adult women. In this article, we take a look at some of the best baby shampoos for eyelash extensions.

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What is baby shampoo and why is it good for eyelash extensions?

Baby shampoo is a type of soap that is made for babies. It has a lot of detergent in it to cleanse the baby’s hair and skin, which makes it very good for eyelash extensions.

Baby shampoo also has moisturizing properties which make your lashes look fuller and more voluminous because they have less breakage.

Is there a difference between regular and extra strength baby shampoo?

Yes, there is a difference between regular and extra strength baby shampoo. Extra strength baby shampoo is more concentrated with ingredients that can make your hair shinier and stronger.

Regular strength baby shampoo will not damage the scalp or leave residue on the hair while extra strength baby shampoo may cause buildup on the scalp which could lead to head lice.

Does baby shampoo have any side effects on eyelash extensions?

Does baby shampoo have any side effects on eyelash extensions

Baby shampoo can cause problems with eyelash extensions, so it is best to avoid using it on your lashes.

There are two major causes of this problem:

1. The chemicals in the baby shampoo could react with the glue used to hold the extensions in place and create a reaction that will damage or discolor your natural eyelashes.

2. The baby shampoo could dry out your eyes and make them uncomfortable, which would lead to redness and discomfort around your eyes, as well as other eye problems like glaucoma or cataracts.

How much should I use to clean my lash extension before putting them on my clients’ eyes?

It is recommended to clean your lash extensions before applying them on your clients’ eyes.

1. Use a tissue or paper towel soaked in warm water and mild soap.

2. Gently scrub the lashes from root to tip with the tissue or paper towel, then rinse with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

3. Apply eyelash glue to the lash extension one by one, waiting for each layer of glue to dry completely before applying another layer of glue onto it.

What shampoo is good for lash extensions?

A shampoo that is good for lash extensions is a product that helps with the care of lash extensions. Let’s go started to know about best shampoo for eye lash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Shampoo Stacy Lash + Brush

  • Stacy Lash Shampoo – oil free formula – eye make up remover foaming cleanser for eyelash extensions
  • Home use – safe and easy to use coming with a handy 50 ml size with a brush as eyelid make up remover and lash wash to care after extensions for long wear and great mascara look
  • Salon use – effectively cleans natural lashes, being safe for eyelash extension during touch ups, adding to retention best when followed by primer before applying professional lash adhesive to help glue adhesion and longer eyelash extensions life

BREYLEE Eyelash Extension Shampoo

  • Design for salon Beauty and home use
  • Natural formula and non-irritating
  • Deep cleansing and nourishing


Is baby shampoo bad for eyelash extensions?

Some people believe that baby shampoo is bad for eyelash extensions because it can cause them to fall out. But, if you are using a quality lash extension brand like mentioned items that has a non-toxic formula, then there should be no problem with using baby shampoo.

Does baby shampoo have any side effects on eyelash extensions?

Yes, baby shampoo can affect the integrity of eyelash extensions. If a person uses a baby shampoo to clean their lashes they will remove the glue that is used to hold them in place and this could result in lash loss.

Last word of baby shampoo for lash extension

If you have an eyelash extension application, we recommend you to use a special eyelash shampoo. There are many different kinds of baby shampoo available in the market. However, it is important to consider the ingredients used in each product before buying. The Baby Shampoo from Stacy Lash will help you achieve a beautiful and healthy look for your eyelash extensions.

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